The Challenge

    An international oil company sought to improve internal governance and risk management as well as optimize business functions and drive improvement across business processes. With compliance issues and an unnecessarily high OPEX, the executive team asked Interliance for support in planning and executing on a company-wide improvement initiative.


    Interliance led the process and organizational transformation with the development of integrated process and management models, holistic GRC systems, and structured continuous improvement program.

    Significant regulatory risks due to incomplete or suboptimal management systems
    Fines and penalties totaling over $700M
    Significant service failures impacting client satisfaction and reputation
    Aging workforce without a clear succession or knowledge management plan in place
    Poor communication and accountability across the organization
    No clear plan to execute upon continuous improvement initiatives

    How We Helped

    Interliance developed an Integrated Management System (IMS) and improvement framework to improve communication and efficiency between the operations team and supporting groups

    Communication Framework
    • Understood the communications issues between Operations and support functions
    • Developed an internal communications framework to foster collaboration and reduce frustration
    • Developed an external communications framework to improve interactions with regulatory committees
    Integrated Management System
    • Developed an Integrated Management System to improve compliance and reduce risk
    • Provided IMS training materials for executives
    • Led IMS training courses throughout the organization
    • Created framework for continuous improvement
    Integrated Process Modeling
    • Documented the company-wide suite of processes
    • Created an Integrated Process Model to clarify the inputs and outputs of each process, ensure accountability and ownership of each internal product
    • Created and continuously optimized a process that governs the interface between internal teams
    Governance Development
    • Developed a governance process to manage new processes and procedures
    • Ensured communication and alignment of key stakeholders for all improvement initiatives
    • Provided a way for management to vet initiatives and either approve or reject them, where there previously was no ability to do so

    The Impact

    Employee Turnover
    Regulatory Compliance
    Employee Satisfaction
    Happy Client
    The Interliance Team was instrumental in developing a management system with the robust tools needed to support our organization
    VP QHSE Operations
    Global Response Organization
    Interliance’s integrated response management systems were crucial in allowing our well control provider to execute a successful outcome to this catastrophe
    VP, QHSE
    Global Well Safety Company
    I've worked with all of the top consulting names before, but nobody delivered real results for me like Interliance. They don't make plans that go in binders on a shelf, they gave me a realistic strategy and supported us in every step of execution.
    International BPO Provider

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