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    Who We Are

    Since 1985, Interliance Energy has been providing world-class Enterprise Operating Systems, Advisory and Operational Support, and ensuring that organizations are prepared and ready for emergencies of all types.

    What Makes Us Different?

    We realized that most consulting firms either focus too narrowly on one aspect of business, spread themselves too thin across every sector they can, or simply "copy/paste" from previous projects. Our approach, however, combines our strategic expertise with a highly-specialized experience in managing energy firms safely, efficiently, and with direction.
    A True Partnership
    We invest in our clients and measure our success by theirs. From flexible payment options to building internal capabilities to transparent communication, our engagements are collaborative and ensure that every stakeholder is satisfied.
    Our Experience
    We have over 100 years of combined experience in the energy sector. Moreover, we staff every project with experts with 10+ years of relevant expertise in the field.
    Integrated Approach
    We believe that all facets of business are intertwined. There is a clear link between safety and performance, and our E-OPS tie management systems to performance metrics and ensure continuous improvement.

    How We Support Energy

    We are the complete solution for risk prevention & mitigation, emergency response, and operational excellence.
    Our unique approach is based on providing real-world solutions to any problem your organization faces while driving bottom-line results!
    Emergency Preparedness and Response
    - Incident Command Training
    - Retainer-Based Response Support
    - Incident Management Advisory and Mentoring
    - Community First Responder Training
    Enterprise Operating Systems
    - Management System Assessments
    - System Design and Development
    - Implementation Support and Change Management
    - HSE & Quality Management Systems
    - Risk & Compliance Management
    Advisory and Operational Support
    - Leadership Mentoring
    - Performance Assessment and Optimization
    - Regulatory & Compliance Support
    - Contingency Planning, Training and Exercises

    We have solved countless challenges in the Energy Industry. Want to learn more?

    Years in Business
    Value Delivered to Clients
    Response and Enterprise Plans in Place
    The Interliance Team was instrumental in developing a management system with the robust tools needed to support our organization
    VP QHSE Operations
    Global Response Organization
    Interliance’s integrated response management systems were crucial in allowing our well control provider to execute a successful outcome to this catastrophe
    VP, QHSE
    Global Well Safety Company
    I've worked with all of the top consulting names before, but nobody delivered real results for me like Interliance. They don't make plans that go in binders on a shelf, they gave me a realistic strategy and supported us in every step of execution.
    International BPO Provider

    The True Cost of Safety

    Most organizations view safety as a reactive response – but without the critical investment in management systems, organizations of every size face significant human and financial risk.


    The Cost:

    • $65M incident cost line item impact on quarterly filing (reducing distributable cash flow by 27%)
    • 3.3% drop in share value over 5 days


    The Cost:

    • $1M fine
    • Additional undisclosed cost of incident, remediation, and insurance estimated at $1-5M


    The Cost:

    • $1M aggregate EPA fines over five years
    • $1.3M lawsuit settlement with county of Los Angeles


    The Cost:

    • $9.5M penalty from DOJ for false/improper safety reporting
    • $0.7M community service requirement due to multiple incidents stemming from systemic breakdown of controls


    The Cost:

    • $2.4M fine
    • Additional undisclosed cost of incident, remediation, and insurance estimated at $5-10M


    The Cost:

    The avoidable cost of safety is hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Are you prepared for the unexpected?

    These five actual incidents alone led to more than $100M of preventable loss, which could have been avoided with minor investment in proper management and response systems.

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